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TQ LABORATORIES “Chemical Technology and Applied Science to Research” born from the passion for science supporting scientific and technological research; creating superior long-term, with the only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses, which is Knowledge. It is from there when in the early 90`s a business project is constituted by merging the experience and talent of 20 years in the service of science, with innovation for the design and implementation of spaces for research and control quality, providing CONSULTANCY iN LABORATORIES as the tool first hand in resource optimization and continuous improvement in processes of experimentation and research, we live in the age of the experts, so we put all our experience at your disposal.

From that time to this we have developed a proven process that benefits people looking investigate and explore, we have trained personnel to meet the needs of all our customers. TQ Laboratories constitutes a business project that combines the strengths of a legally constituted Colombian company; with 12 years of experience in manufacturing, import and authorized distribution of the major brands of Material and Supplies Laboratory in projects with technology and innovation, in education, health and industry sectors nationwide with international projection.


“Providing Integrated Solutions in Material Lab Supplies in projects with technology and innovation, seeking to meet needs in the design and implementation of spaces for research and quality control, as a basis for social development, integrating the scientific community committed with national and international issues and the demands of our customers. “

“In 2015 be the leading company in Colombia in Providing Integrated Solutions in Material and Supplies Laboratory in technology and innovation projects, with the best quality, price and service.”

COMMITMENT: We are aware of the commitment we have with customers and partners, for this reason, we assume it with respect and responsibility.
TEAMWORK: We carry out activities through a coordinated effort between suppliers and company personnel, bearing in mind the needs of our clients work.
INNOVATION: Creativity is one of our main tools; so we have trained staff who continually wants to provide customers products that meet their requirements.
RESPONSIBILITY: Our primary responsibility is with the institutions, entities and any person who makes use of our products and services.

We promise to be a safe and reliable to provide solutions in Material and Supplies Laboratory in technology and innovation projects that meet business customer demands; with fair prices, quality service, timely deliveries, satisfactory advice to any needs or concerns presented and responsibility in each project formulated and implemented; always looking for the professional development of its employees as fundamental tools for continuous process improvement.